A background in writing and media has made me a compulsive visual storyteller.

My work is grounded in the desire to explore authentic connections - to our memories and our common experiences. 

I recently completed an MA Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art where my research and work explored the myriad ways which technology is re-casting our lives. My practice broadened across a variety of media (including painting, collage, drawing, text, photography and installation) to probe the changes in our leisure practices, our relationships, even our brain structure. My practice continues to plumb the process and ramifications of our technology-induced retreat from human interaction. These investigations attempt to deconstruct new cultural paradigms, including the disappearance of activities that require imagination, physical human effort and friction.

My current residency and upcoming collaborations and shows have wide-ranging themes including motherhood and modern feminism, the curation of memories as well as an exploration of our collective connection to the natural world. My work has been described as “a modern narrative which explores junctions between selfhood and social structures.” Across all subjects, my work is grounded in research and executed using unique combinations of materials and mediums.