A background in writing and media has made me a compulsive visual storyteller.

My work is grounded in the desire to explore authentic connections - to our homes, our memories and more recently, to each other. 

Early large-scale mixed media paintings considered the process of reclaiming our past through the incorporation of photographic elements from childhood.

My current research and experimentation is probing the myriad ways which technology is re-casting our lives. I am interested in the changes in our leisure practices, our relationships, even our brain structure. My ongoing practice plumbs the process and ramifications of this change; I experience regular loss and nostalgia when I consider our technology-induced retreat from human interaction. My investigations and work have explored new cultural paradigms, including the disappearance of activities that require imagination, physical human effort and friction as we have migrated en masse to our screens.

My practice has expanded to include 3D collage, painting, mixed media, photography and installations; each of these media offer unique opportunities to expose the often-opposing perspectives and complex emotions which are associated with life in a screen-dominated world. The process of making work includes mining memories, and exploring disjunctions between selfhood and cultural and social structures - including personal media. My artwork uses unique combinations and juxtapositions to explore themes including the disappearance of imaginative play, the effects of ubiquitous technology and constant curating.

As an artist, I am propelled by the instinct to look both into the future and back at the past in order to process our precarious present.